GRAND FORKS - A Grand Forks woman is speaking out after a video she posted to Facebook on Wednesday is going viral.

Robin Clauthier said her son worked at KFC on South Washington Street for nearly a month and didn't get paid.

Curse words were the response she got when she stopped in KFC earlier this week to ask about her 16-year-old son’s paycheck.

"Without him knowing, I just figured I would stop in so everybody was on the same page, just ask what exactly was going on,” Clauthier said. “He's been working there for a month and he hasn't gotten paid yet."

When she went into the store, the employees refused to give her an update.

"I did put it up on my Facebook because I was wanting people to see what was going on. Who hires minors and then allows them to work without the proper paperwork?"

As of Friday night, the video has more than 22,000 views.

"That behavior is unacceptable in a workplace of any sort," Clauthier said.

Things have not calmed down in the last two days, she said.

The girls seen in the video have since threatened violence against her family for posting the video, Clauthier said.

"There were threats going out that she wanted to kill that chick’s daughter," Clauthier said.

Clauthier said it's all been reported to police and her son won’t be going back to work there.

A representative from Stewert Restaurant, which owns the local franchise, contacted her and cut them a check for only part of the time her son worked, she said.

"He's getting paid for two days in September,” Clauthier said. “And they told me they would try to figure it out."

WDAY-TV spoke directly with KFC's corporate office today.

They said they cut Clauthier's son a check, it's in the mail, but wouldn't say for how much.

They also released this statement: "The behavior of the team members in the video was unacceptable. The franchisee who owns the restaurant has been in contact with the individual who posted the video to resolve her concerns."

Since posting the video, she said people have contacted her with similar stories. She's hoping those employees will come forward.

"Go forward and make those complaints," she said. "At least they're documented. At least they're there."