One thing has not changed in the 30-plus years I've been professionally forecasting the weather: We can never get the weather exactly right, and the biggest storms are always the hardest to forecast.

That being said, computer technology has revolutionized forecasting to the point that a forecast for a week away is about as reliable these days as the forecast for two days away back in the 1980s. This has created a problem of expectations.

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Take Hurricane Florence, for example. Although a big storm was forecast to hit the Carolina coast almost a week in advance, the forecast changed in the days leading up to landfall, creating hassles and costing money as some people prepared for a hurricane that went elsewhere. But three decades ago, such advanced warnings were not even possible.

Part of the problem might be the difficulty weather forecasters have in communicating uncertainty, which may be related to so many people's preference for an either/or, yes-or-no forecast. Although weather forecasting is far more accurate and reliable than in the past, it is still just a weather forecast.