The average high for Fargo-Moorhead today, Aug. 18, is 81 degrees and the average daily low is 57 degrees, based on normalized statistics over the past three complete decades.

These figures are slightly cooler than at the average peak of summer a couple of weeks ago. On Sept. 1, the average high will be 77 degrees and the average low 53 degrees. On Sept. 15, the averages will be 71 degrees and 48 degrees.

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These changes will not occur on a daily basis.

Weather has too much built-in variability. But despite the typical ups and downs, we can expect the weather to grow steadily cooler over the next few weeks.

After mid-September, the average temperatures drop more dramatically. The average high and low temperatures Oct. 1 are 67 degrees and 41 degrees. On Nov. 1, the averages are 47 degrees and 28 degrees. On Dec. 1, the averages are 28 degrees and 12 degrees. Around mid-January, we reach our lowest average temperatures of the year when the average high is 18 degrees and the average low is zero.