ROLETTE COUNTY, ND (WDAZ-TV) - Checking in with the family.

Deputy Allery's Father and Former co-worker have set up online campaigns to raise money.

They've received thousands of dollars in hopes that his children will be taken care of.

Derek Belgarde, Cousin: "My first reaction was to start balling. Me and my wife both lost it.

Derek Belgarde is Deputy Colt Allery's Cousin.

He's started a bank account in Rolla to help his four children plus a step-child.

"You know they've got to get through school. They're going to need, you know, school supplies, school clothes, we have birthdays and holidays coming up," says Belgarde.

Deputy Allery started his law enforcement career at the Rolla Police Department and became an immediate asset to the team.

Joe Boehm, Rolla PD: "He was a really motivated worker."

Along with keeping the streets safe, Allery always maintained a positive attitude at a job that can be stressful at times.

Joe Boehm: "Fun going. If everybody was crabby in the room, he'd come in and cheer everybody up."

In Rolla, people have been dropping of $20 dollar bills at the Rolette County Sheriff's Department.

They’ve set the online campaigns with GoFundMe and YouCaring, hoping people across the state and country will help the people he left behind.

Belgarde: "He's a standout guy and we're doing everything we can to help him and his family."

If you want to donate an account is set up at Starion Bank in Rolla.

You can also help the family using GoFundMe (click here) and YouCaring (click here).