MOORHEAD, Minn. - This week's gem certainly has her hands full at home.

Two three-year-old toddlers keeping her on the go, and now the family is about to grow in a very unusual way.

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It's snack time for Braxton and Auvianna before they head back to daycare. They've been the loves of Kelsey Husler's life since Halloween 2014.

“These 2 are pretty good for the most part,” said Braxton and Auvianna's Mom Kelsey Husler.

This Moorhead mom still remembers that day when she got the bombshell news.

“They were like, ‘Both heartbeats look good, everything looks fine,’ and I was like, ‘You said both...wait a second, you said both,’ and she said, ‘Yeah, there’s two,’” said Kelsey.

And now, Kelsey’s family is growing again and again this mom needs two cribs.

“I said this is crazy, who has 2 sets of twins?," said Kelsey.

Kelsey is due in about three weeks.

“Shocked, twins don't run even run in my family," said Kelsey.

“She seemed unphased by it, she said, ‘I've done this before,’” said Dr. Mary Holm, with Essentia Health.

Doctors say Kelsey's back-to-back pregnancies carrying twins are very rare, especially given her age, she’s 24.

“Twins itself is about 3 percent of births in the U.S. But to have twins back to back like this is very unusual,” said Holm.

While the news was much easier to take this time, Kelsey says carrying the baby girls has been much harder.

“The first time was really easy, I didn't have the back aches, didn't have the preterm contractions, I didn't swell up. These two were a breeze, these girls, a complete 180 flip,” said Kelsey.

“That's probably the best picture I have ever seen of her," said Kelsey.

As Kelsey gets another sneak peak of Twin A and B as they get bigger and bigger inside her belly, she's looking forward to holding her bundles of joy.

“I'm excited, I just want to hold them, outside, hold them and lay them in their cribs. All that fun stuff," she said.

Though this picture shows the jury is still out on exactly how excited Braxton and Auvianna are about becoming a big brother and a big sister.

When we asked Kelsey’s first set of twins about what Kelsey has in her belly, they certainly had some creative answers.

"Babies," said Auvianna. 

“Dinosaurs!” said Braxton.

For now, Kelsey enjoys a walk with her first set of twins.

In a few weeks, two more will join them. And Kelsey says they will be her last set of double trouble.

“I’m done after this, I'm not having anymore, the risk of another set of twins is enough to say, ‘No more," said Kelsey.

The girls will be named Kennadie Faith and Gracelyn Kay.