FARGO - It's almost time. More than a year after he announced the concert, Ed Sheeran will make his headlining debut at the Fargodome on Wednesday, Oct. 17.

It's been a long wait for fans, but the singer has been busy. He's played over 150 dates to more than 3.3 million fans worldwide on this tour, which started in the middle of March 2017 and won't end until late August 2019.

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Sheeran sure is a popular guy. Celebrating its 10th anniversary earlier this week, Spotify released its list of most popular artists, albums and songs in terms of streaming. Sheeran came in second only to Drake for overall most-streamed artist. The singer-guitarist's 2017 album "÷" was the most streamed and his 2014 disc, "x," ranked fourth. Considering that, it's really no surprise his monster hit, "Shape of You," was Spotify's most-played song in 2017.

Sheeran is not just a hit with his fans, but a star among stars. His collaborations with Taylor Swift helped make him a household name and led to his first appearance at the Fargodome, opening up for her in 2013. His knack for making hits has led to work with everyone from Eminem to Eric Clapton.

Here's a look at some of the times Sheeran has popped up in other stars' orbits.

Taylor Swift

After hearing his music, Taylor Swift reached out to Sheeran and a friendship was born. He co-wrote and sang on "Everything Has Changed" on her album "Red" and became an opening act on the tour, prompting him to get the word "Red" tattooed on his arm. The two remain friends, and last month she posted a video to Instagram of the stars hiking, teasing Sheeran, "It's called exercise, you ever done cardio? Strumming your guitar doesn't count."

John Mayer

John Mayer and Taylor Swift famously dated, or rather, famously broke up, while Sheeran was still relatively unknown, but he and Mayer eventually became friends on their own and became good enough buds to design tattoos for each other. Sheeran drew up a cat that Mayer has on his chest and Mayer had the words "Kool Guy" etched into Sheeran's right arm. They got inked and showed off their art when Mayer guest hosted "The Late Late Show" in 2015.

Harry Styles

Another T-Swift ex, another friend for Ed and another tattoo. This one, not so god. Styles has said he regrets letting Sheeran tattoo a padlock on his wrist.

Courteney Cox

Speaking of friends, Sheeran has been chummy with "Friends" friends. Sheeran met Courteney Cox years ago and stayed in her beach house in 2013 as he was writing "x." The singer introduced Cox to her fiancee, Johnny McDaid of the band Snow Patrol, which opens the show at the Fargodome this Wednesday.

Jennifer Aniston

While crashing at Cox's house, he spent Thanksgiving with her and her on-screen and off-screen pal, Jennifer Aniston. Sheeran recalls getting drunk at Aniston's place the night before Turkey Day and passing out by her swimming pool.

Johnny McDaid

The singer paid Cox back for the use of her pad by introducing her to Johnny McDaid, who co-wrote some of Sheeran's biggest hits, like "Photograph" and "Shape of You."

Maisie Williams

A fan of Sheeran's, Maisie Williams was in for a surprise when the pop star showed up on the set of "Game of Thrones." The singer appears in the seventh season of the popular HBO show as a Lannister soldier who encounter's Williams' character, Arya.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars writes, sings, dances, produces and even writes for other people. The only thing he seemingly can't do is sing "Happy Birthday" to himself. So who does he bring in for a job like that? On his Instagram account earlier this week, Mars posted a clip of Sheeran singing to the pop star as Mars dined on a pile of decorated cupcakes.

If you go

What: Ed Sheeran with openers Snow Patrol and Lauv

When: Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and music starts at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 17

Where: Fargodome, 1800 N University Drive

Info: fargodome.com or 701-298-2690